recovery bible study

As residents get acclimated to Reset, we want to help them understand the bible and how to build their life upon its foundation. Since the bible can be overwhelming to many of us we developed the ‘Five Act Play’. It is a bible study designed to help the residents understand God’s story. It’s a story that gives meaning to our existence, our daily lives, and to every other story on earth.

Act 1: The Creation
God created the world and it was good. It was perfect, in fact. And the masterpiece of this good creation was man (and woman). God created mankind in His image and gave him the authority to rule over this beautiful creation.

Act 2: The Fall
Unfortunately, man rebelled by disobeying the one directive that God had given them. This rebellion, also known as sin, brought with it separation from God, along with death, disease, and brokenness. God’s perfect world just got messed up.

Act 3: Israel
God’s redemption plan involved using mankind to restore what they had broken. He did this by calling out a special people, the nation of Israel, to demonstrate how He had intended us to live all along. However, the pattern of rebellion continued and grew worse.

Act 4: Jesus
Seeing mankind’s inability on their own to be the vessels of restoration to His creation, God sent his only Son to establish His kingdom here on earth. Jesus’s time on earth, the climax of the story, was characterized by Him defeating the effects of sin—sickness, shame, and ultimately even death.

Act 5: The Church
God’s kingdom was established through Jesus’s first coming, but will not ultimately be fulfilled until He brings heaven to earth at the end of the age. This is the part of the story that we find ourselves in. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus empowers those who accept Him to proclaim God’s kingdom and reflect His image until He returns.

Ultimately this is a story about God, the world He created, and the incredible plan of redemption that unfolds as He creates a people for His own glory. We help our residents walk through key points in the Biblical story focusing on how they fit into the story. We ask question about how do the actions, events, and truths presented in the story affect the way they live their life and what is their role in this amazing story?