Meet Staci

Meet Staci
“I’ve been to a regular sober living and you come to Reset, and it’s just so different. And that’s just something I guess maybe my whole life I’ve been craving––a connection and caring and a place to fit in, and Reset has done that for me.”

Staci emerged from a life of ‘never feeling good enough’.

Staci faced many mental health challenges rooting from low self-image, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and drastic weight gain from medications. Feeling a void in herself, she tried to fill it with other things: food, unhealthy relationships, alcohol, drugs. These crutches eventually turned into addictions.

Staci found identity and freedom at Reset.

Staci tried to get sober at other sober living places. But Reset was different. For the first time, Staci truly felt cared for and set up for success. From the beautiful housing to the genuine community to the biblical counseling, Reset became the answer Staci was looking for her entire life. At Reset, Staci learned that the void she spent years trying to fill could only be filled by God. At Reset, Staci finally found peace.

Staci now feels better than ever.

Staci served as house leadership at Reset for 10 months and inspired other residents with courage and love. She was even featured on Local 12 News and shared God’s complete ‘reset’ of her life with the world. Staci was promoted from the full Reset program in May 2023. Though she is now beginning the next phase of her journey, Staci will always serve as an inspiration to her family at Reset.