Meet George

Meet George

God gave George three signs that saved his life.

Before coming to Reset, George was a father of six daughters and was overjoyed to finally have a son. However, the baby died at only a few weeks old. Just like that, George lost his one and only son.

The loss left George devastated and angry––angry at God for taking away this precious thing in his life. So he turned to drugs to take away the pain, to cope.

“I had nobody. I had nowhere to turn. I surely wasn’t turning to God, ‘cause He took my son from me,” George said. “I was lost.”

Eventually one night, George became so alone and tired that he couldn’t take it anymore. He asked God to show him a sign, because he was done.

George put a gun to his head the next morning and pulled the trigger. In that moment, God gave him his first sign, because the bullet got jammed, and George was alive.

Angry because he felt like he had nothing to live for, George decided to get high that night. Before he could begin, he was pulled over by the police and put in jail, stopping his plans to turn to drugs as normal. That was his second sign.

At that point, George knew he had to do something different and began calling different places to get sober. But no one had a bed open for him and he felt like no one wanted him. Again, he planned to get high.

God’s final sign to George came through a call from Reset.

His plans halted once more, George’s phone rang and he got the news that would alter his life forever: “George, can you be at Newport by 9 o'clock at night? I’ve got a bed for you.” God had answered him again, urging him towards this new journey.

Though George was initially afraid of accepting this path before him, he ended up staying at Reset for 19 months and it saved him in a way that he wouldn’t trade for anything.

George said, “I knew I was safe there. Reset has helped to give me a relationship with God, helped me find who I am. Never would I’ve thought that I would be walking with the Lord today. He’s done some amazing things in my life. It’s great. I have a relationship with my sisters. I have a relationship with my mom, a relationship with my dad. A relationship I never thought we could’ve had.”

God has truly saved George through Reset and though he sometimes feels undeserving of the life he now has, he trusts God’s plan for him.