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Meet Alex

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Alex took the first step for the fourth time… Alex emailed the men’s house director looking for a chance at sobriety, this time in the Reset men’s house. He was determined to get sober and stay sober; he knew that sober living would be the way to ensure that. […]

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Meet Patricia

In January 2020, Patricia moved in…. While living at the Reset women’s house, Patricia took several steps to rebuild her life and make it better than before. She began working towards completing her GED and she worked extremely hard to catch up on her debts. She obtained her driver’s license and was blessed with a […]

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Meet Lauren

Growing up, life was unfair and traumatic for Lauren. She tried to focus on the good things like attending church and youth groups as well as putting a lot of energy into her competitive dance team. Eventually, she threw her hands up, deciding that she would join the world, not try and beat it. She […]

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Alumni Success Story: Meet Eric

Today Eric Brun is a successful union heavy equipment operator, putting in steel gas pipelines at locations all over the country. He and his wife Brittani have a strong, God-centered marriage. Eric did not grow up in this kind of situation and credits God with leading him to Reset, Gary and Grant Dawson, and his […]

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Meet our residents: Nicole

Meet Nicole

Nicole graduated from Reset in December. She works at Highland Heights Frisch’s where she has been for over a year. She goes to all her son’s basketball games, spends many weekends with him and is teaching him how to drive. Nicole attends Bible study with the Reset Alumni group. After Reset, she moved into a […]

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A week in the life of a Reset resident

Everyone who comes to Reset is on their own journey, but they do share some common goals. Healing, hope, and purpose for a brighter future. The program at Reset helps each resident pursue their true purpose in life. Each week, residents are working toward a brighter future. What’s in a typical week? In addition to […]

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