christian rehab

Season’s Greetings,

We are excited about all the things that have been happening here at Reset in 2019. We have seen several people graduate, get baptized, and accept Jesus into their lives. In addition, family reunification is happening, too! We are amazed at what God is doing through the ministry. Throughout this newsletter and on our Facebook page we want to share those stories with you. 

It’s time to celebrate! Next year marks Reset’s 10th anniversary and we’ll be celebrating at the spring banquet. What started as a father and son’s idea to help men have access to safe and dignified housing has grown into a program where men and women find hope, healing, and restoration in their lives. One of our big goals is for family restoration. This happens when our residents regain custody of their child(ren) and their relationships are restored with other family members.

A special thank you to all the volunteers and donors who support our work. Without you, Reset would not have made it to the 10-year mark. More importantly, all the men and women who have walked through our doors would not have had the opportunity to have their lives changed here! As you celebrate this holiday season, we bless you and your family!