Substance Abuse Treatment in Cincinnati, OH


We all make mistakes; it’s part of being human.  If you are not making them then maybe you are too much of a perfectionist or not taking risks.  We learn more from our mistakes than our successes.  I’m not saying to make mistakes deliberately, but that enough of them happen anyway.  Choose to grow from […]

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Sober Living House near Covington, KY

What Are You Thinking?

Do you know what you’re thinking about right now? Are your thoughts moving you to your Purpose, Vision, and Goals? The idea of being in touch with personal thoughts intrigues me because I believe that what we think and believe causes our emotions and emotions lead to action. Be aware if you are in the […]

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Sober Living Home Recreation

March Madness

Basketball is in the air. Brackets have been filled out, and basketball fans are rooting for their favorite teams. There are buzzer beaters, upsets and chaos all around. You know what? March Madness can be a lot like life.  The goal of the NCAA Tournament is to win it all, but let’s be realistic. One […]

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Walking It Out

Being sober is an essential requirement to being a part of Reset. Our residents have to have some sobriety under their belt and be actively engaged in recovery meetings. Our goal is to help them learn a better way of dealing with life issues so that they can experience their true purpose in life. How […]

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Sober Living in Cincinnati, OH


Brokenness and vulnerability can come from many places. Often, we see people who come to us that have experienced brokenness in their childhood or early adult life. Pain and suffering that has exposed them to people or circumstances that are not healthy. They are vulnerable to these influences and often end up making bad choices. […]

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Prayer and Fasting Update

On February 13th, the Reset community set aside the day to pray and fast for everyone involved with Reset. We wanted to lift up the residents, graduates, volunteers and leadership to be blessed and protected from the enemy. Several of our graduates and residents have been under attack. Our prayers for them come from Ephesians […]

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Reset Featured In Sober Living House Video Interview

At the end of 2016, Reset direction Grant Dawson sat down with Shane Reinert for an interview. Shane has an ongoing video interview series focusing on addiction and asked Grant about the role Reset plays for people who need a sober living house. Watch the video to find out more and check out the rest […]

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substance abuse treatment near me

Reset Receives Grant From Staples

We are very excited to share some great news today about Reset. Here is part of a note we recently received and wanted to share. Congratulations! After careful review, we are pleased to let you know that R 3 Restorations has been approved for funding from Staples Foundation in the amount of $1,000 in support […]

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