Reset Ministries Testimonials

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Alex took the first step for the fourth time...

Alex emailed the men’s house director looking for a chance at sobriety, this time in the Reset men’s house. He was determined to get sober and stay sober; he knew that sober living would be the way to ensure that. At first, in Alex's mind Reset was just a place to stay to stay while he adjusted to sober living, but he soon discovered that Reset is much more.

A changed person

After 9 months, Alex graduated as a changed person. During his time at Reset, he learned so much about himself and God in ways he didn’t even think were possible.   He learned what it meant to be a servant leader and that Jesus loved him and wanted to have a relationship with him. He learned that he was called to do more in life than just work.


Alex is still sober and in a loving relationship with the Lord. He has relationships with his family and he is making friends that enjoy a sober life just as much as he does. This August, Alex will be starting nursing school! With the direction of Reset ministries, Alex found confidence in himself and faith in God to believe that all things are possible.

Thank you for supporting Reset and helping radically transform the lives of people like Alex.

"Not one promise from God is empty of power. Nothing is impossible with God!" Luke 1:37 TPT