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Today Eric Brun is a successful union heavy equipment operator, putting in steel gas pipelines at locations all over the country. He and his wife Brittani have a strong, God-centered marriage.

Eric did not grow up in this kind of situation and credits God with leading him to Reset, Gary and Grant Dawson, and his wife. He smoked pot as a teen and became hooked on drugs after a car wreck in the late 1990s. The doctor prescribed Oxycontin, Valium, and other drugs to get him through rehab. When the meds ran out and the pain was still there, Eric turned to street drugs—first heroin, then cocaine.

Because of drugs, he spent some time at a penitentiary in Colorado, then back to Kentucky where again drugs led him to jail, this time in Newport. In jail, as he thought about his life, he realized that doing time hadn’t fixed him and wasn’t going to. He began to pray. He sent letters to the Diocese, which put him in touch with Reset. When Grant and Gary were contacted, they accepted him into the program.

He entered the house on Isabella Street when it was still a men’s residence. At one point, he slipped up, drinking, but finally he passed the sobriety test and got to return to the house. He stayed there one year and graduated. During that time, he had a dream coach and mentor, Keith Logston, who was extremely helpful in his progress. Keith provided him with a recipe for success.

Meanwhile, he met his wife, Brittani, at a local Radio Shack and they began dating. Finally they made plans to get married. They had marriage counseling by Gary and Bev Dawson, who also helped them with financial planning. They got married the day Eric graduated from Reset.

Brittani is a manager at The Cleaning Authority, where she works with girls who are striving toward recovery. They’ve had “six years of success—good jobs, good money, good marriage,” according to Eric.

Now Eric Brun has been clean for nine years and knows he can stick with it. He travels a lot, so he gets connected with a local church wherever he goes. He has given his life to Jesus and clean living and he and Brittani love the life they now have.