Meet Sheri

Sheri Releigh-Collins has served as the Women’s House Director for Reset Ministries since its opening in 2015. Her path to Reset began in 2012 when her youngest son fell into heroin addiction. She and her husband, Keith watched with broken hearts as he moved unsuccessfully through virtually every sober living house in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati never able to sustain the behavior changes required. When her son, Shane, was accepted into the Reset House in Newport, Kentucky, she was skeptical, until she learned how this program was different. 


Sheri had been a special education teacher for Kenton County Schools for 28 years and loved her job and her students. When she began to consider retirement, the school board asked her to continue in a director/consultant role providing training, conducting meetings, and working with due process attorneys in addition to other duties. At the same time Sheri felt a deep desire to get involved in the fight to combat drug addiction in the Northern Kentucky area, a fight she believed would “take an army.” She became involved with Northern Kentucky Hates Heroin but wanted to work more directly with addicts. She wanted to get involved in some ground work, to “hit the ground running.”


That opportunity was waiting for her just around the corner. Sheri discovered that one way Reset is different from other programs is the assignment of a coach to every resident. Shane’s coach was Gary Dawson, a cofounder of Reset ministries and a serial entrepreneur. He and Shane were kindred spirits, both loving to start things. As Shane listened to his mother’s prayers for a way to get directly involved in the fight against addiction, he became eager to introduce his mother to Gary and his son Grant, cofounder and director of the Reset Men’s house.  As a decision to open a Women’s House was already under discussion by the Reset Board, it only took one meeting with Sheri, Gary, and Grant to realize God was on the move. Sheri shadowed and studied with Grant Dawson from January to July, and together they began to visualize what a house would look like for women. Sheri officially retired from education, and the Reset Women’s house opened on July 5, 2015. 


Sheri knew her experiences working with young adults who faced special challenges had given her skills that would transfer to Reset. Still, the enemy attacked her mind with doubts that she met with fervent prayer.  God answered with the promise of his presence and the promise to provide others to share the work and the blessings. Now, Sheri coordinates coaches, counselors, cooks, Bible study leaders, personal development leaders, and other volunteers as part of her responsibilities. She also meets regularly with each resident, organizes community outreach activities, and networks with other agencies to partner for needed services, among other duties. 


Sheri has seen many lives dramatically changed by the Reset experience, including her son. Shane and his wife run their own real estate/house renovation business and live in a four unit apartment building which they own. They also recently presented her with her fifth grandchild. Sheri credits the success of Reset Ministries in part to the high level of expectation and accountability placed upon the residents, by herself, the Executive Director, Erich Switzer, and by the Reset Board of Directors, but mostly to the power of the prayer that covers the houses. 


Sheri received her bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University in education and psychology and her master’s degree from Xavier University in education and business communication. She has been married to her husband, Keith for 29 years. They have two children and five grandchildren.