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We are proud of the work we do here at Reset Ministries, but one project we don’t get a chance to talk about very often is our Clothing Connection store. This is our social enterprise initiative to take donated clothing items and turn them into revenue for Reset. So far this year we've made about $4,800 with this initiative!

The items we sell through this project are donations from individuals, the Brighton Center and a t-shirt manufacturer. (We currently have about 10,000 new t-shirts and sweatshirts right now!)

Once we receive these donated items, we sort through them. The highest quality items stay here. Some items are given to our residents that are in need, many of them come to us with nothing, so this is a huge blessing. For remaining items, we sell them in pop-up stores around the area. One of our recent pop up stores was hosted at the Bridge church and made $1,300!

The leftover clothing items that aren’t given to our residents or sold through our pop up stores are then packaged together using an industrial bundler machine and shipped overseas. We just sent our first truck load of clothes, which weighed 25,000 pounds, out and will net over $3,500 for them! This allows us to bless those in need in other countries while still gaining more funds for our ministry!