Living To Potential

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This post was adapted from The Life Solutions Network.


The phrase “live to your potential”, is a motivating for many people. This can be said in different ways. A friend says, “live your best life.” Matthew Kelly noted author says, “become the best version of yourself.” Potential reflects abilities, growth and how our time is spent (or invested). It reflects what is and what can be.


We often prevent ourselves from living (growing, contributing, serving) fully in different ways:

  • Weakness is related to character. It is choosing to not live by certain values or having loose personal boundaries. Examples are procrastination or not being able to make a crucial decision. It may simply be focusing on short-term wants vs. long-term needs.
  • Mistakes are accidents, maybe a decision from ignorance, lack of skill or focus. Luck can fit into this category; being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mistakes are a part of life. If we allow ourselves to learn from them, they are only short-term setbacks.
  • Malice is choosing ill will, getting revenge or choosing to hurt someone with words or deeds. Some might say that it is living by non-altruistic values.


Living to our potential is about putting our life plan into action. At Reset, we help our residents develop a vision for their future and then walk with them side-by-side as they learn to move forward in a positive way. What about you? How are you putting your life plan into action?