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Do you know what you’re thinking about right now? Are your thoughts moving you to your Purpose, Vision, and Goals? The idea of being in touch with personal thoughts intrigues me because I believe that what we think and believe causes our emotions and emotions lead to action.

Be aware if you are in the past, present or future. Present thoughts are those of mindfulness, experiencing life to the fullest, e.g. ”smelling the roses”, paying close attention to the people who are close to us or focused on work. Past thoughts may be a reliving of the “glory days” or painful events. Future thoughts are about where we are headed…planning and envisioning, maybe worrying.

Be aware if you are having positive thoughts or negative ones. Negative thoughts tend to slow us down, we run away from something, like the brakes on a car. Positive thoughts are like the gas pedal; the more you think positively, the faster you move toward your future. Henry Ford

Henry Ford said “If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.”

Our brain seems to have a life of its own. Ideas, memories, challenges seem to bounce around like a pinball. I’m simply suggesting a very small step to be fully aware of your thoughts. Find a way to pause and consider. Changing our thoughts is even more important. Changing thoughts and underlying beliefs is an idea worth exploring to live to your potential.

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