Sober Living Home Recreation
Basketball is in the air. Brackets have been filled out, and basketball fans are rooting for their favorite teams. There are buzzer beaters, upsets and chaos all around. You know what? March Madness can be a lot like life. 
The goal of the NCAA Tournament is to win it all, but let's be realistic. One team is the winner, and sixty-seven of the teams go home losers of their last game. They failed to reach their goal.
When we fail to reach a goal in life how we handle it is huge. Some people persevere and try again. Some people change their goal or try something entirely different. Some people try alcohol or drugs to ease the pain, especially if they haven't been taught how to handle failure.
At Reset, we help equip residents with the tools they need to be successful in life. This includes new life skills, a supportive community and helping residents set goals that are achievable.
By working as a team, we help our residents achieve their goals!