Being sober is an essential requirement to being a part of Reset. Our residents have to have some sobriety under their belt and be actively engaged in recovery meetings. Our goal is to help them learn a better way of dealing with life issues so that they can experience their true purpose in life.

How do we help a resident along their journey? We build into them with lots of support from staff, volunteers and growth opportunities. These include the following.

Spiritual growth: We have bible studies every Monday and residents are required to find a home church.

Financial growth: Residents develop a budget (many for the first time) and can participate in a savings program where Reset contributes to their savings upon graduation.

Personal Coaching: Each resident gets a coach who can help them talk through tough decisions, encourage them and hold them accountable when needed.

Socialization: We take residents out as a group bowling, to Reds games and other activities to help them acclimate to doing fun things sober.

As a resident works toward graduating from Reset, they need to meet several milestones along the way to ensure they are on the path to success. We believe God has a purpose for everyone that walks through Resets door.