Everyone who comes to Reset is on their own journey, but they do share some common goals. Healing, hope, and purpose for a brighter future. The program at Reset helps each resident pursue their true purpose in life. Each week, residents are working toward a brighter future.

What’s in a typical week?

In addition to working there is a lot going on.


Monday: Individual budget meetings, dinner and bible study.

Tuesday: Outside meetings (Celebrate recovery, AA, NA)

Wednesday: Meeting with house director (as needed), assigned chores around the house.

Thursday: Individual budget/case management. Afternoon music therapy sessions. Evening

House/Life Skills Meeting followed by a recovery meeting.

Friday: Outside group meetings. (Celebrate recovery, AA, NA, or church small group)

Saturday: Outside group meetings, Saturday evening church service.

Sunday: Church service.


As you can see life is busy at Reset. We want the residents to learn new life skills, learn how to be accountable by working with a coach and the house director while pursuing sobriety and a relationship with God.