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A note from Women's House Director Sheri Raleigh-Collins.

As the holiday season comes to a close the Reset women are getting back into their daily routine. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while a glorious, wonderful time, brings into focus, the Christmas’ we lost to addiction. It is a sentimental time if your family is fractured, or perhaps they are still in addiction, whatever is your story....the holidays can be difficult.

There were tears, but there were also hugs, at just the right time! The beautiful part of our community is not just in their lovely faces!! It’s not that superficial! Our “Queendom” is an eclectic gathering of women ages 25 to 50+, that truly love and value one another! We speak life over each other every day.

We are reminded daily what the “earthly” version of the love of Jesus looks like in practice, it’s seen in the people that come alongside us: the beautiful couple that fills our pantry each month, the ladies group that provided gift cards to help us this season, the donors with the stunning beauty product baskets, our Bible study leaders and loyal participants, from cooks to coaches to music therapy provider to Reset staff and those that advocate for us and pray on our behalf, each playing an integral, imperative part in this wonderful journey.

We are stronger together!